From The Block to your spot – how to make your yard landscaping dreams come to life

From the popularity of plants to the influx of renovation shows on our screens, there is no denying that the interest in yard landscaping in Australia is reaching a fever pitch. While the desire to create your own outdoor oasis may seem like a relatively modest goal, your expectations versus what a landscaping contractor can realistically deliver can sometimes clash. Some companies might turn you away, dismissing your concepts as too difficult to achieve. But not Gracescapes. Our team never shies away from a residential landscaping challenge, and there are many instances where we have dared to go where our competitors wouldn’t. Curious? Try this example on for size.

excavators constructing a rock wall during a backyard landscaping project

The client

Gracescapes was approached by a client looking to undertake some backyard landscaping in Adelaide, which is what we have solid reputation for. Matters in this exchange got interesting when we discovered that this client had already been turned down by multiple companies and contractors. Their requests were rejected, being palmed off as far too tricky to complete in general – let alone to a high standard. Our team decided to take on the test and add another feather to our Tricky Projects hat.

The challenge

If you looked up ‘shambles’ in the dictionary, you would be liable to find a picture of this backyard. Mountains of dirt and uneven surfaces don’t exactly make the greatest canvas for a luxe outdoor space, so we had to come up with a solution. Safety, efficiency, and aesthetics were the key three factors in the front of our minds when hatching a plan for this project. Using our years of experience and a hefty pinch of innovation, we crafted a solution that would transform this disaster-scape into a renovator’s delight.

The result

Mess? What mess? By removing a whopping 15,000 tonnes of dirt and painstakingly placing 60 tonnes of bluestone rock boulders, the Gracescapes crew was able to create a surface that went from shapeless to ship-shape. With their newly minted outdoor surface sorted, the client was able to move forward with their desired Backyard Blitz moment. By taking the time and utilising some creative solutions-based thinking, the Gracescapes team took a job that nobody else would touch and turned it into a triumph. The client was thrilled, especially after experiencing so many knock-backs. And they said it couldn’t be done!

If you can dream it, we can do it

Now that you know nothing is out of reach for the Gracescapes crew, what are you waiting for? Work with us to bring your ultimate yard landscaping fantasies to life. Where other contractors see a “too hard” basket, we see opportunities to innovate and get creative. Our team of consummate professionals has the unbeatable combination of technical skills and impeccable taste to create the outdoor sanctuary you have always dreamt of. From softscapes and hardscapes to retaining wall construction, we can tailor an end-to-end solution you’ll love. We have extensive experience in backyard and front yard landscaping in Adelaide. Get in touch with us today so you can experience your very own garden glow-up.

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